Westlife, a dream comes true!

I sondags var Elin, Cissi, Kirsten,Tompa och Sven pa Westlife konsert i Wembley arena. Mycket bra tyckte alla i de latar man kunde sjunga med i.. resten va…. skit! Scen kladerna var katastrof, koreografin fruktansvard och scenografin maste ha vart gjord av nagon som atit konstiga svampar…. over all… en flashback till 1999 dvs. det aret Tompa var 8 ar, Elin var ett HYSTERISKT Westlife fan som traffade/ stalkade bandet var och varannan dag, Sven lekte ganster i Sollentuna och Cissi laste bocker i cowboy hatt…
Sven och Tompa var i himlen, se sa fokuserade!

Swedish girls doing… sirap bread

Some quality time with La Familia yesterday. Elin let loose her baking skills and we had yet another bread fiesta followed by some Glee and talks about the important things in life like candy vs cookies and wether or not me and Elin look as young as the 22 year old girls in Huddik or if they look as old as us.

It’s a modern world..

…where family members sometimes see sides of each other’s persona they would not have had to witness say, 40 years ago. Many of us have had the “WTF!”reaction on being informed a close member of our family is online and able to see our photos and wall posts and I am sure it is equally painful for parents having to witness their loved babies get jiggy in all kinds of inappropriate ways.

Rainbow Bright

This was my favourite show when I was a kid. She is so blond and bright and shiny and she gets to save the world with her multi coloured stars and at the same time being the heigth of fashion and taking care of her colour family.

Sounds more like you Elin


If one is lucky enough to live with Elin “Martin Timell” Ricebush you will regurlarly enjoy the smell of amazing, warm, sweet, made with love (and twice as much sugar and butter as recommended) homemade bread. It is brilliant! And what is even better is her attitude towards eating the bread – “I’m going to bake tomorrow too so we might as well finish these three loafs now..”

And the family gathers in the kitchen around 3 beautiful loafs, stuffing their faces with butter drenched still warm bread. And in that moment Elin is my hero more than ever. She feeds the poor and understands that any sandwich is better with cheese on it.
Bread. Mmmmmm. Carbs. Mmmmmmm.

The younger generation

They just don’t seem to get the same quality education we did in the old days..

Conversation between me and my brother.
(Listening to Kent’s new album)
Me – Oh I love this song, I love the tamburine
Tompen – I don’t know what instrument that is.
Me – Hehe
Tompen – Or wait.. it’s a wind instrument? (blåsinstrument)
Me – Hehehehehehehe
Tompen – Or one of those triangles?