Saturday night fever

..for me is a bowl of pasta, a sleeping beauty boyfriend (suffering serious jet lag) and watching Britains Got Talent. Elin and CC on the other hand are still up East partying it up with the lovely boys. I am a bit jealous but I know they will carry the flag high enough for the three of us.
Tompen just got back from an 8 hour shift at Snog where he pours up frozen yoghurt with serious grace. Me and Robin checked in with him today and I can reveal that the new taste passionfruit frozen yoghurt is bloody delicious.

This may well be the most meaningless entry so far. But I will say that now when mini-Ricecake Ida is visiting us it makes me miss my own sister even more. She was here last week and hopefully back this summer and staying for a few months. The clan gathered!

Yin and Yang

The Family functions like a very dynamic organism that needs balance to flourish.
Last night, me and CC took to Raffles dance floor (or more like the sofas, and at one point, a pile of suitcases) while Elin chilled out at home with her lil sis and Tompen was working his ass of serving snog. Today, me and Tompen are chilling in bed while CC, Elin and Ida have gone East to explore other territories. And this is how the family remains sane – when some of us go off the rails, the other steer the train and provide stability. For example, this morning at 06 when me and CC where kicking some guests out and still feeling the effects of some obscure Thai whiskey, Elin made sure we queued up in formation and sang for Ida as it is her bday, and we managed to do this with yesterdays makeup still firmly attached to our faces, while Elin looked rested and fresh as ever.

When the girls go to East I never know when I will see them again – it could be 1 day or 3. But when they are back I will be awaiting them with a rested face and hopefully a very clean flat.
Cause thats what the family does – we take turns looking and acting like the beauty and the beast. I hope that Elin gets a kebab this weekend, I know she is craving it badly.

We are everywhere

That the girls (and boys) of the mansions likes Facebook isn’t news to anyone reading this blog (maybe to the confused russian and filippino that stumbled on our blog yesterday – yes, we do love facebook. And food)

And without knowing it we are starting to own facebook as well



So, this strange figure who moved to London almost 9 months ago. Into the home of three girls, who transformed him from a former Gymrat eating 100 kgs of chicken everyday to an guy who shuns muscles now days and trying to get his face onto Italian VOGUE.

But in the meanwhile I’m just running London everyday and meeting loads of people and making new friends. Which, is not what I thought I would do in my life 1 year ago sitting in my room in Hudiksvall drinking Protein shakes like there was no tomorrow and lifting tons of weights every day.

With this very first post I would just like to say:
Thanks to the girls for keeping me here, supporting me, pushing me and tell me to eat sometimes.
So, as I am in London modelling and pouring guild-free Frozenyoghurts in the other time – LET LIFE BEGIN.

Happy Thursday // Thomas the Geek –

A royal red day

Tomorrow there is somewhat of a big partay in London, Kate and Wills are tying the knot in a tremendously fancy manner. I feel sorry for them. Who would want 1 million uninvited visitors to your wedding?!

Me, I am going to celebrate in their honour tonight, by dancing at Raffles. It used to be prince Williams fav club. Now that he is married soon there is no more of fun and games. No more pole dancing for William. Poor sod. If I ever get married it will have to be with someone who takes me exactly like I am. With or without pole dancing in and playful behaviours. I never believed that you had to grow up just because you grow older anyway. And I believe I have proved myself right on that one..

A new man in my life

Yes I was on a date last night as Lasse so disapproves of. Being a sweet french guy the date delivered me to my door, gave me a very innocent good nights kiss and made sure to not leave before I was safely inside.

And when i get to my bed I get greeted by this, a moustach man in a blue dress. So wrong! There is just to many men claiming my attention at this point. How can I keep both Lasse frowning at me from the bathroom (he is not allowed into my bedroom any longer) and this plastic Roger Moore happy as well as cute french guys.

I’ll think I’ll just stay away from men a little bit longer (sorry dad, wont get married this year either. But I got your wrinkly forehead)

But I was very happy anyway cause the cute little frenchie actually liked fantasy so I got to do what I do best – talk about orchs, knights, wizards and other of lifes important things

Lasse says..

Cc. I thought it meant something to you when I came into your life to save you from the pathetic so called ‘men’ you are surrounded by. I stood by your side (literally) even when you were perhaps not your most glamorous self (06 am the morning after a heavy night for example). And this is what you do to pay me back. You go out on town with another man! Like a whore!
I am not angry. I am DISAPPOINTED.

// Lasse
(who is now considering leaving this brothel and finding a PROPER lady.)


It’s dead quiet in the office today. Everyone’s gone for that long vacation you get if you take these 3 days off. Except for me. Which makes me utterly useless at the moment since no one is here to get things done.

This calls for desperate actions. I’ve been facebooking, blogging, emailing, sorting my playlists on Spotify, planning campaigns months ahead and cleaned my desk about 5 times. I’m thinking about also bugging the support team down in Malta, try on all our merchandise and maybe rearrange a bit in our corner. Maybe move a co worker or two. Sit the ones I like the most close to me. Or maybe the other way around since i hate socialising at work.

Happy days