An east weekend

Although scarred, (no Tom, you might be a good photagrapher but you dont have an alternative career as a bartender) bruised and filled with amazing food to last me a life time I woke up this Monday morning feeling more refreshed than in a long time. Must be something in the air.

Friday night – we arrived, filled with anticipation for Toms cooking, and were met by 2 backslicked, dashing italian looking men in the start up of was what to become a spectacular meal

5 hours later dinner was ready and we were on our way to finish 10 bottles of wine. With the help of Italian Martina, Tom and his lovely girldfriend and Walkey we had a proper home party with lots of dancing, laughing and some really cheesy music.

Come Saturday we all woke with slight headaches to one of those sunny spring days in London. We cleaned up hearts, souls, faces and flat and went out to Broadway market

After a jug of pimms in the sun and some people watching (it’s official, the men in East London owns those west men any day) we realised we were a, hungry, b, in need of some more dancing so we went back to the flat for…cooking, dancing, eating, drinking and laughing

Man love

Feed me Elin

Call on me

All in all an absolutely amazing weekend. Thank you guys for taking such good care of us and feeding us. We will be back before you know it and this time it might not be so easy to get rid of us.

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