Todays Kix

Unfortunately I am too stupid to work out how to send pic’s from my phone, so I had to use Tompens webcam to capture my fashionable look today. Hence the weird hand flapping in the pic, where I was trying to press the button and throw myself backwards in order to show off the whole kit. Can’t win them all.

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins, washed about 400 times
Trousers: My BF’s comfy pants from H&M. I stole them off him.

Its probably for the best my face is not in the picture. I am home today, studying for an exam at UCL on the 5th of May. It is truly very boring. Tonight I am heading out for dinner with the guys and Laura thank god. Tomorrow I am sending Elin to Raffles to show the London nightlife off to her cousin who is in town. Me? I am avoiding nightclubs this weekend. Or am I?
One never knows until Mr Sunday is here with all the facts.

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