A few days of freedom – Kix

Although the family can sometimes seem like a fourheaded unstoppable creature, we actually do have our own individual lives and sometimes let go of each other to venture into the world not all of us together. (But usually its two of us at least!). Here are some of the pics I have racked up during the last few days..

Mexican night at Lupita to celebrate Laura’s birthday, Seb bravely ate approximately 500 chillies and suffered severe third grade degree burns all through his body


Mexican night at Ole’ Mexico – only me and Robin this time and no silly chili action, but wonderful amounts of cheeeese, and grown-up discussions about joint mortages.

An early morning walk (me and Tompi) on Sunday morning took us aallllll around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, about 8-10 km in the blissfull sun. The fact that Tompi was a bit hungover and achy did nothing to ruin the beautiful moment.

Today I have powerwalked, done my weekly shop (in the BIG Tesco, always very exciting!), cooked for Tompen and Elin (mediterranian chicken and halloumi mix in pita breads) and then.. I fell asleep. I woke up at 7.30 and found that the other Mansion Family Members are asleep too. Mmmm. Weekend freedom.

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