A new start

This morning I got up, looked out the window at the amazing morning sun.. and put on my running shoes. I used to be one hell of a runner, going out for a 4 km run every morning AND night for a year. That was 5 years ago however and I realise you cannot live off old merits forever. The girls and Tompi have been going to the gym daily and powerwalking every morning for a month, but I have been a bit like an old tired dog in bed, looking up, waving my tail a little bit but then falling asleep with my tounge hanging out on my pillow. I have been awaiting that feeling of OOMF.
Today, OOMF hit me. It was great! Yes I felt like I had acid down my lungs, my ass hurt so much I wanted to weep and there was absolutely NO dignity involved in my running style. But I did it! 4 km of running in the morning sun. Soon my ass will be able to bounce stuff of it. I can’t wait! I have always thought it is such a shame I have a white chicks ass. Everytime I start running again I am secretly hoping it will be more of a bouncy latino ass within 2 weeks.

Other than that it was a pretty crap day. One of those days when you have a bull hunting you down and pointing its horn into your ass cheek. I did read a good thing at work though – “nothing in life is to be feared – it is only to be understood”. Marie Curie said it. Wise lady.

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