I have a feeling..

That come tomorrow it’s most definitly going to be a lot of good nights! Tomorrow both Bella (Cissi’s pet) and Jasmine (my pet) are coming, and on Thursday Stefan (Elin’s pet) is arriving. And on Friday… well then it is my 28th birthday and the first bank holiday in a long row! This weekend will be 4 days long (ka-ching!) and hot hot hot (in every sense of the word).

Today was 24 degrees and I ran up and down Brompton Cemetary, imagining I was Laura Craft on a mission. I even started jumping up on and running off the benches on the little sidewalks, taking huge flying steps and landing like a 600 kilo’s baby elephant. Well, one has to start somewhere!
I also saw a very shiny man tanning in nothing but very small shorts. He looked pleased with himself despite carrying some extra weight. Good for him. Me, I plan to run until I am tight like a whip.
24 degrees during this run – you can imagine how great it felt running in a black cotton t-shirt.. I NEED SOME TECHNICAL RUNNING GEAR.

1 thought on “I have a feeling..

  1. Hahahahaha, knasskallar! Har ni koppel till eta “Pets” eller får de springa lösa? Det ser heeeeeeelt underbart ut på din runda Kix, önskar jag fick springa (eller kanske gå) med dig en dag! ❤


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