A new man in my life

Yes I was on a date last night as Lasse so disapproves of. Being a sweet french guy the date delivered me to my door, gave me a very innocent good nights kiss and made sure to not leave before I was safely inside.

And when i get to my bed I get greeted by this, a moustach man in a blue dress. So wrong! There is just to many men claiming my attention at this point. How can I keep both Lasse frowning at me from the bathroom (he is not allowed into my bedroom any longer) and this plastic Roger Moore happy as well as cute french guys.

I’ll think I’ll just stay away from men a little bit longer (sorry dad, wont get married this year either. But I got your wrinkly forehead)

But I was very happy anyway cause the cute little frenchie actually liked fantasy so I got to do what I do best – talk about orchs, knights, wizards and other of lifes important things

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