So, this strange figure who moved to London almost 9 months ago. Into the home of three girls, who transformed him from a former Gymrat eating 100 kgs of chicken everyday to an guy who shuns muscles now days and trying to get his face onto Italian VOGUE.

But in the meanwhile I’m just running London everyday and meeting loads of people and making new friends. Which, is not what I thought I would do in my life 1 year ago sitting in my room in Hudiksvall drinking Protein shakes like there was no tomorrow and lifting tons of weights every day.

With this very first post I would just like to say:
Thanks to the girls for keeping me here, supporting me, pushing me and tell me to eat sometimes.
So, as I am in London modelling and pouring guild-free Frozenyoghurts in the other time – LET LIFE BEGIN.

Happy Thursday // Thomas the Geek –

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