Yin and Yang

The Family functions like a very dynamic organism that needs balance to flourish.
Last night, me and CC took to Raffles dance floor (or more like the sofas, and at one point, a pile of suitcases) while Elin chilled out at home with her lil sis and Tompen was working his ass of serving snog. Today, me and Tompen are chilling in bed while CC, Elin and Ida have gone East to explore other territories. And this is how the family remains sane – when some of us go off the rails, the other steer the train and provide stability. For example, this morning at 06 when me and CC where kicking some guests out and still feeling the effects of some obscure Thai whiskey, Elin made sure we queued up in formation and sang for Ida as it is her bday, and we managed to do this with yesterdays makeup still firmly attached to our faces, while Elin looked rested and fresh as ever.

When the girls go to East I never know when I will see them again – it could be 1 day or 3. But when they are back I will be awaiting them with a rested face and hopefully a very clean flat.
Cause thats what the family does – we take turns looking and acting like the beauty and the beast. I hope that Elin gets a kebab this weekend, I know she is craving it badly.

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