Saturday night fever

..for me is a bowl of pasta, a sleeping beauty boyfriend (suffering serious jet lag) and watching Britains Got Talent. Elin and CC on the other hand are still up East partying it up with the lovely boys. I am a bit jealous but I know they will carry the flag high enough for the three of us.
Tompen just got back from an 8 hour shift at Snog where he pours up frozen yoghurt with serious grace. Me and Robin checked in with him today and I can reveal that the new taste passionfruit frozen yoghurt is bloody delicious.

This may well be the most meaningless entry so far. But I will say that now when mini-Ricecake Ida is visiting us it makes me miss my own sister even more. She was here last week and hopefully back this summer and staying for a few months. The clan gathered!

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