I’m going on a date tomorrow with a handsome (i think) french guy with a flare for words. His texts are little fireworks of amazingness for a word loving book worm like me.

Given my previous luck with guys I decided to look to the angels for help and asked the advice of Elins angel cards

In terms on who he is I got the card – Remember who you are – something about being loved and secure in yourself

On the where we are I got the – spread your wings – about taking the chance on something new

And on where we are going it said – counseler – giving advice and being a guide.

So, angels have spoken, I should take the chance with this word juggling french guy even if I might end up in my normal situation of being the helper and advice giver. Ok angels, I’m up for it.


Our lovely fantastic Kix were celebrating 21 years old on Friday and we decided to claim our spot in Hyde Park. And we certainly did

Family love (kix wish i had the knowledge to make us all look more tan as well)
Perfect, they are the same size…

We snuck away for soma talented mr ripling. Ice cold beer instead of all the sum warm ones.

Beautiful people
Equally beautiful people (what i said about Elin making tom look good doesnt really apply to me. I have a tendency to make people look…well…interesting)

Wining with the wingman and the Fluffer

The Wingman and the Fluffer came to London. Unfortunately their skills couldnt get Bella the man of her dreams (he had ugly shoes according to the Wingman) but that didnt stop them scheeming to find me a man at Shoreditch. Might suspect they were not fully in to it when the suggestion was to go to a gay club.

Or maybe it’s just a mission impossible

❤ My lovely, sweet girls. Best of two worlds.

Todays Elin

In line with the coming festivities for the bride to be Todays Elin is a cross between Kate Middleton and Mad Men. I’m in Elins find from a vintage shop ‘assing’ the world today.

(I’m happily ignoring the fact that Bella mentioned that ‘maybe you want to do something about your ass’ when talking about my work out.)

Summer bbqing

Yesterday Elin and me and later on London bound Bella was invited to my colleagues for a BBQ at their lovely roof terrace (well, invited might not be the correct word, lets just say I invited myself w entourage). This turned out to be a really nice pre summer night w amazing food (yep, we will steal Johan to our balcony), rose, ice creams, talks and promises of plastic angels that made Fredrik go a bit pale. A touch of great times to come this summer.


Manly man preparing the grill

Elin chillin’

Boys in well matching clothes and summer smiles

The great bbq teqnique ‘sittin’ (he’s going to be so cute on out balcony under a plastic tent for the rainy days)

Its pretty bloody amazing with Körv

Food for soldiers

Why move when you can just be ‘sittin’ owning the grill?

Thank you guys, we’ll be more than happy to return


Stan tried to sell me last Saturday to a ‘very nice, goodlooking and guitarplaying’ english/french colleague of his for a date tomorrow. In my happy state I thought that was a great idea but when thinking about it I realised that a, bella is here and would then have to be in our date and b, i dont do dates so I’ve been panicking a bit about how to abort this date without missing the chance of a guitarplaying french guy (yup, he looks bearded from the pictures)

It all sorted itslef out and I’ve been saved by the bell. I’m hoping to postpone this to post bank holiday madness.

I have a feeling..

That come tomorrow it’s most definitly going to be a lot of good nights! Tomorrow both Bella (Cissi’s pet) and Jasmine (my pet) are coming, and on Thursday Stefan (Elin’s pet) is arriving. And on Friday… well then it is my 28th birthday and the first bank holiday in a long row! This weekend will be 4 days long (ka-ching!) and hot hot hot (in every sense of the word).

Today was 24 degrees and I ran up and down Brompton Cemetary, imagining I was Laura Craft on a mission. I even started jumping up on and running off the benches on the little sidewalks, taking huge flying steps and landing like a 600 kilo’s baby elephant. Well, one has to start somewhere!
I also saw a very shiny man tanning in nothing but very small shorts. He looked pleased with himself despite carrying some extra weight. Good for him. Me, I plan to run until I am tight like a whip.
24 degrees during this run – you can imagine how great it felt running in a black cotton t-shirt.. I NEED SOME TECHNICAL RUNNING GEAR.