Finally the bank holidays are over

Updates have been trickling in through Kix and as understood from her reports its been another one of these great weekends. She and me OWNED Raffles on Thursday and then Elin, Ida and me left for East and returned 3 days later.

Epic weekend. The sun was shining, the men were beautiful and bearded, we got to sing karaoke with everyone in the Dolphin, got treated to another one of those Tommy made sunday roasts, danced, fell on our (my) ass, ate hamburgers, pizza, meat, cheese, chocolate bread, hommous and drank jug after jug of pimms, discussed life, discussed love, discussed how many dates you have to give someone before you can choose, we wore the same clothes for 3 days, slept on the sofa and got greeted by the sun, bought shit loads of bikinis, drank zubrowka, talked about the future and chilled out with the best company ever.

For all of the lovely pics read Idas blog

Breakfast in the sun

Home made sunday roast by Tom

Sister love

Love the beautiful swedes


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