Jersey shore meets Sailor Moon

Monday. Sun is shining and me and Elin dragged out tired bodies round the morning walk trying to recap the weekend. Not easy since it was one of those fast living, crazy spinning epic london weekends again.

All in all a great one where i managed to get introduced to frenchies friend and then dump him (after about 100 messages to me and even 1 to Elin after ‘being worried’ when i didnt pick up the phone on sun – not ok after 3 dates and me telling him i run out of batteries over the weekend), a great slutty sailor party w my colleagues where we got to meet Tompas cute girl and dress her up as a sailor/bunny dream and put her to dancing for 5 hours, my colleagues getting asked if we were ‘hired’ entertainment when we danced on the kitchen benches, the jersey shore theme being a great hit with everyone that actually dressing up (the rest thought we were idiots) and amazing people as usual. Have a feeling we will see more great parties in that flat.

The sailor dream team. Highly appreciated when walking the streets of london

Normal hang out w colleagues
Our cute little bunny girl
Mummy Lisas gift got to good use
Bang, bang you’re dead
Aye Aye captain
Our very straight gay sailors

Epic toilet pic! (and on FB – good call)

Viva Italia – only two sad bottles of pimms left when party done
Jersey shore!

1 thought on “Jersey shore meets Sailor Moon

  1. Ja vad ska man säga? Ser ut som om ni har galet kul ivarjefall och det är det viktigaste 🙂 Kärlek till er alla <3

    😦 älskar… att man måste skriva in ett knasigt ord varje gång man skriver ett meddelande!


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