Once upon a time

Me and Ben wrote a cildrens story today.

One upon a time there were two sets of finger hands, named Benjie and CC, happily living doing the finger dance in a life filled with friendship, family and love.
One day an assasin named Tom tried to kill CC by maiming one of the fingers. The finger hand CC survived but the evilness behind the assasination, the evil finger sister Elin, had not given up. She tried to make CC never able to dance again by dying the fingers blue.
But finger hand Benjie came along and sprinkled magic water on the finger hand CC so they could come and dance one last dance.
The finger hands danced and danced but no one saw that the finger hand CC had been drained by the colour evil sister dyed her with so when the dance kept going she fell to the floor, all alone, and after one last twicth fell limply to the floor never to dance again.

Didnt have much to do today

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