What my friends do when I’m not there

Wrecking my brain trying to think up something to write about I realise I dont really have anything to tell. I’m going to the gym after this and then left over omelette with Elin – nothing that makes for life changing reading.

I’ll just show some of the pics I’ve received on my whats app over the last week.

Elin sends me a candy frog. Munching away in the office is she?! She says she eats nuts and seeds and stuff. I dont believe her. Hope it made her day though (and miss little frog Ben as well when seeing this pic but he’s got work and stuff to tend to…)

…like carrying a chair through London. This picture raise so many more questions than it answers. Who is the women? why is Ben carrying a chair? who is the chair for? and is the police actually kicking the boy?

…or painting his fingers black.

Kix is sending me doomsday messages to make me take my full responsibility as chaos partner on Raffles friday. I think it’s irresponsible to give me that kind of scare to get me dancing on a pole. I’ll do it any way, it’s not like I dont feel very at home on the pole.

I’m not 100% sure what Elin wants to tell me with this pic. Yes hasselhoff is an immensly sexy man and I would like to have a man controller if I could point it at him and have him tending to my every whim. Maybe she just want’s me pining for what i cant have. Well, she succeded – might have a Baywatch night tonight or why not Knight raider. Or maybe just some ‘american idol’ (americas got talent? let’s dance?)

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