Here I am..

Again, in the sofa with spotify and listening to Lady Gagas – Born this way for about the eleventh time in the last 5 minutes, a bit hard to see how that is possible but let’s go with that..

Too much happening now, but it’s good i guess – Hard work pays off my very wise sister told once or twice, so have to believe her!

Met a fantastic girl, ofcourse theres always trouble in paradise.
Got the offer to be the host of a Models Table at the fine nightclub Whiskey Mist where we will get free dinner from 9PM every Thursday then some juicydrinks all night long, so I am emailing womens bookers at my agency to spread the word to all the pretty girls and so on.. I do feel a bit “serious” sending all these emails and making plans, maybe starting to be a grown up soon? As it is my 21st in July the 16th!

Been running a few castings, hopefully I’ll nail both of them i had yesterday – Boxfresh Clothing Lookbook and getting an agency in Hamburg. I need some more good news, i like it that way.

Now its time to groom up, go get that haircut at Vidal Sassoon and then do a midnight shift at SNOG.
I do love my life even i just run around London most of the time and not having that much spare time.


(as the girls always do a picture or 33 of them in their posts, I’ll give you a L’Oréal picture)

1 thought on “Here I am..

  1. Å Thomas vad härligt att det går bra. Glöm bara inte bort ditt eget välbefinnande, ta hand om dig, Du är värdefull för DIG! För oss!

    Önskar dig lycka till med allt ditt nya spännande. Kram ❤


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