Love you!

This blog is all about fun, ugly pictures and snap shots of a life filled with laughter, craziness and over the top weekends. But there is something much more important with The Mansions than that. The 4 people living there and the way our life have touched eachother.

I moved to London over a year ago from a life and friends in Sthlm that i loved. I didnt want to move, I was happy, but true to me I thought ‘why not’, packed my bags and left. From the start it was fairly easy, felt lonely at times but had people taking me under their wings. But it wasn’t until Elin, my friend from Sthlm I didnt know that well, moved in with her 3 bags and practical yet caring way of looking at life I felt truly at home. Elin became the sunny to my moody, the practical to my dreaminess, the fashionable to my, well, unfashionable and the one that would show me the beautiful in a simple hug. We made a great pair and fell in love with London together.

By the end of what felt like a never ending spring Kix moved in with us. She was a girl in search for answers, always asking, always searching, always giving everyone around her time, love and attention. And for the ones she cared about she gave her heart. She opened mine and held what she found there. The three of us found true friendship in this city of partying, fleeting meetings and bright neon lights.

A couple of weeks after moving in to The Mansions Tompen moved in. Sweet Tompen straight from the countryside in Sweden, adapted, looked around with open, curious eyes and before we knew it he was a model working two jobs and had truly made London his own. He complements the three of us by accepting our spinning lifes, loving us for all that we are and mopping up the remnants of our sometimes broken selves.

I’ve been through a lot this year and by every step of it someone in my newly founded and amazing family have been there to pick up the pieces, to hold me, to show me that it’s ok to laugh even if your heart breaks and how happy it is to be dancing the night away with your friends.

London is amazing for all it’s possibilties, for all the cool people, for all you experience and see, for the stories and hang over laughs. But to me London is amazing for the meetings with truly great people and for the ones that are stuck in my heart.

2 thoughts on “Love you!

  1. Å finaste Cissi, nu kom det många tårar hos mig. Så naket uppriktigt och fint skrivet. Tack för att vi får ta dela av dina upplevelser, tack för att DU är den du är. Tillsammans har ni växt. Underbart att få läsa era inlägg även om jag kanske ibland helst vill blunda :)) Att se att även det svåra är en del av kärleken och att växa som människa, det är starkt! Att få göra det med människor du just NU har runtomkring är meningen. Man drar till sig människor på olika sätt i sitt liv och av olika anledningar! För att se ljus behövs mörkret! Det är valen du sedan gör som blir avgörande ❤ Kramar till Dig från mig ❤


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