Saturday night

After a lovely day in the park Elin, Tom and me decided to do something slightly different and headed of to the interactive japanese restaurant in Soho. The food, company and wine were great and how can you not love a place were you can choose your own table picture.

Even if we live the life of Made in Chelsea we do take the tube instead of our Bentleys

‘Hm, think I want to orde all of our starters and well, not order them so we have to end the dinner eating sushi’

Complicated process this table ordering, right Tom?!

‘Mmmm, food’

Drinks and avocado salad. Happy days

Yeah i do!

After a really nice dinner we went to Hakkasan for a drink and then to Mortons to meet up with Rodde and Italian Alex. Me and Elin hugely disappointed Alex by telling him that we are actually not coming to his Tuscany party. My excuse ‘i need to take some quiet nights in’ didnt really work. But we had a fun night with the old DJ dancing in a way that Mortons never seen before.

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