And every day I’m raffeling… again and again and again

Raffles tonight with the usual suspects minus Elin and plus 8 young, rich and gorgeous canadian girls. Sweet! Me, I’m planning to look proper and somewhat boring this weekend to make up for the bank holiday madness. I’m still on guy lock down so no talking to anyone except for people I know and love. And maybe that bearded older man if he’s around, at least to take a picture of me and him and send to Ida. She would wet her pants for wes anderssoness of him.

Kix, Mackan and me owning the pole at Raffles. You can see at my vampire eyes that its past midnight and night time me is out.

Day time me generally have to pay for night time me’s mistakes. Walking home in high heeled shoes through Hyde Park is just not very nice. Good thing Sven made me and Kix pizza and that i got a bed all to myself that night so I was both well rested and well fed (well, everything is relative) and that I had Kix by my side to lend me a scarf.

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