Being treated like a princess

Monday morning and surprisingly fresh after a morning walk and a perfect night in with Elin, Tom and Tompen last nigt. Tom spoiled us as always and wipped up a coq au vin to tease our taste buds. And yes, it was amazing!

A touch of parsley and voila – a coq au vin fit for a french restaurant

Cant go without bread can we

Looking forlornly onto the plate, not easy being a model and only get to eat once a week.

Friends and Family

I just read CC:s beautiful entry about the members of the mansion and how we have been brought together in a seemingly everchanging world moving quickly, how we have created a unity and home together in which we can experience London and life. Its pretty cool to think that only 2 years ago I had just met CC the first time, and i had never even SEEN Elin or heard her name. Which is very very strange considering we moved in the same kind of circles in Stockholm! It took for us to leave Sweden to actually meet!

The first time I met CC I thought: what a kind girl. What a CALM girl. She loves books. Great. I love books too. Little did I know then that there is more than books to this lady. She is full of a passion for life, fun, pleasures, dancing, food, laughter – basically the bits that the human race has always connected through. She is also, like me, a thinker. Which has meant we can connect both in our love of long, wild parties, but, as importantly, in long chats and in exchanging even longer emails. CC has the ability to be there even when you are on your knees, which I find to be one of the most admirable abilities in anyone. She accepts that we are all flawed and imperfect, but that we want to grow, and with the help of our friends, we can. She has been there when I have been at my lowest, my most insecure and scared, and she has let me know that it is ok, and that she will be there through it, never judging me. We are both a bit fragile at times, and it has been sort of life saving for me to be able to vent to her my inner turmoil. BUT – and this is an important but – she is also a person I can laugh my ass off. Although we can get lost in our thoughts, we know not to take life TOO seriously – it is short, lets enjoy the ride! We certainly enjoy the ride together, and we have bucket loads of fun!

When I first met Elin I didn’t know what to make of her, I thought she was secretive and mysterious. Then BOOM something just unlocked and before i knew it we were meeting up every morning to powerwalk around Hyde Park, explore London’s most beautiful summerspots, record tv-shows, get our legs out in the summer night and take off to Croatia for 10 amazing, beautiful, sunny, crazy days that we will never forget. It was one of those whirlwind romance friendships where everything just CLICKED. We moved in, became like sisters and we are learning from each other continously. In some ways we are almost identical (anyone that saw our cabin on the boat in Croatia will understand!!) and in other ways completely bipolar opposites – although we speak different languages sometimes I think people like that are the ones most worth really hanging on to, they help us grow and overcome difficulties, showing us a different perspective but also catching us if we fall. I am so grateful for every time Elin has given me a hug JUST when I needed it. It is a rare ability that she masters! Elin is also the person I would ask to arrange my wedding if I ever wanted a top of the line, unforgettable, massively amazing wedding day. She has a way of making things tasty, beautiful, inspiring and cozy by just looking at them and she pours her heart and love in every little detail, making it special in a way that is beyond superficial beauty, and that I have come to appreciate so much.

And my brother.. for anyone who has met us it is obvious he is one of my most beloved people in life. There is literally nothing I wouldn’t do for him, and I would go to great lengths to defend and protect him. Its fantastic that he has been able to join our little trio at this time in his life, and he has certainly provided massive amounts of love that us girls have needed. Being 20 years old, he is achieveing things other young people could only dream of, partly because he is surrounded by people who are willing to help him places, but mainly because of his massive heart and openminded attitude to people around him. Thats probably the thing I am most proud of with Tompen – that he is non-judgemental, accepting and KIND. He very rarely says bitter or cynical things or become bitchy or nagging. He is a bit of an angel, our Tompen.

And that, is in short (because really there is so much more to say) a few of the reasons I love my family in The Mansions. I will always, ALWAYS remember this time as a positive, filled with love era and the 4 of us will always have a very special connection.
(If this is soppy, it is because true love IS soppy!)



Sun is shining through the window and I’m listening to french music thinking about all of lifes big questions. When i was younger I thought one of the saddest things with human life was that everyone was miserable all the time. There was just not enough happiness in the world and how could evolution make us in to people that had so fleeting feeling of true happiness and so many hours of feeling empty, grey and hollow.

This thought took up a lot of my time and I couldnt shake the feeling that something was wrong in the design of us.

A couple of weeks ago I had this discussion with someone and realise its not true any longer. I dont think we are miserable, I dont feel hollow. There are good and bad days but its a balance for growing and every time I look around at everything I got I fill with a sense of harmony. Most people I know seem happy, seem to have found their own base and that helps those around them that might not be truly there yet.

It’s a good thing realising that life is a amazing and even for people with greyness in them there comes a time when that is not the biggest part any longer, when you learn to appreciate the beauty you’ve got.

Saturday night

After a lovely day in the park Elin, Tom and me decided to do something slightly different and headed of to the interactive japanese restaurant in Soho. The food, company and wine were great and how can you not love a place were you can choose your own table picture.

Even if we live the life of Made in Chelsea we do take the tube instead of our Bentleys

‘Hm, think I want to orde all of our starters and well, not order them so we have to end the dinner eating sushi’

Complicated process this table ordering, right Tom?!

‘Mmmm, food’

Drinks and avocado salad. Happy days

Yeah i do!

After a really nice dinner we went to Hakkasan for a drink and then to Mortons to meet up with Rodde and Italian Alex. Me and Elin hugely disappointed Alex by telling him that we are actually not coming to his Tuscany party. My excuse ‘i need to take some quiet nights in’ didnt really work. But we had a fun night with the old DJ dancing in a way that Mortons never seen before.

Saturday morning

The recipe for a perfect Saturday morning is your friends coming in and waking you up and laughing about the memories from a Friday night filled with tacos, pimms, owning, Mackan showing those ladies in Raffles what pole dancing is all about, hitting the ceiling and creating new memories and then having Tom showing up with coffee and pastries. Even a tired soul like mine greeted the saturday with a smile. And Saturday proved me right and delivered a great day in Hyde Park with friends.

Love you!

This blog is all about fun, ugly pictures and snap shots of a life filled with laughter, craziness and over the top weekends. But there is something much more important with The Mansions than that. The 4 people living there and the way our life have touched eachother.

I moved to London over a year ago from a life and friends in Sthlm that i loved. I didnt want to move, I was happy, but true to me I thought ‘why not’, packed my bags and left. From the start it was fairly easy, felt lonely at times but had people taking me under their wings. But it wasn’t until Elin, my friend from Sthlm I didnt know that well, moved in with her 3 bags and practical yet caring way of looking at life I felt truly at home. Elin became the sunny to my moody, the practical to my dreaminess, the fashionable to my, well, unfashionable and the one that would show me the beautiful in a simple hug. We made a great pair and fell in love with London together.

By the end of what felt like a never ending spring Kix moved in with us. She was a girl in search for answers, always asking, always searching, always giving everyone around her time, love and attention. And for the ones she cared about she gave her heart. She opened mine and held what she found there. The three of us found true friendship in this city of partying, fleeting meetings and bright neon lights.

A couple of weeks after moving in to The Mansions Tompen moved in. Sweet Tompen straight from the countryside in Sweden, adapted, looked around with open, curious eyes and before we knew it he was a model working two jobs and had truly made London his own. He complements the three of us by accepting our spinning lifes, loving us for all that we are and mopping up the remnants of our sometimes broken selves.

I’ve been through a lot this year and by every step of it someone in my newly founded and amazing family have been there to pick up the pieces, to hold me, to show me that it’s ok to laugh even if your heart breaks and how happy it is to be dancing the night away with your friends.

London is amazing for all it’s possibilties, for all the cool people, for all you experience and see, for the stories and hang over laughs. But to me London is amazing for the meetings with truly great people and for the ones that are stuck in my heart.

Thursday blues

Is there something called the Thursday blues? We’ve all heard about the Monday blues but I honestly think thursdays might be even worse. Something about the build up for all that owning on Raffles.

In the end it doesnt really matter – today I’ve got the thursday blues and I’m secretly happy that I dont have to join Elin for socialising on Sketch. I listen to this song instead and let thursday slowly pass by.

Here I am..

Again, in the sofa with spotify and listening to Lady Gagas – Born this way for about the eleventh time in the last 5 minutes, a bit hard to see how that is possible but let’s go with that..

Too much happening now, but it’s good i guess – Hard work pays off my very wise sister told once or twice, so have to believe her!

Met a fantastic girl, ofcourse theres always trouble in paradise.
Got the offer to be the host of a Models Table at the fine nightclub Whiskey Mist where we will get free dinner from 9PM every Thursday then some juicydrinks all night long, so I am emailing womens bookers at my agency to spread the word to all the pretty girls and so on.. I do feel a bit “serious” sending all these emails and making plans, maybe starting to be a grown up soon? As it is my 21st in July the 16th!

Been running a few castings, hopefully I’ll nail both of them i had yesterday – Boxfresh Clothing Lookbook and getting an agency in Hamburg. I need some more good news, i like it that way.

Now its time to groom up, go get that haircut at Vidal Sassoon and then do a midnight shift at SNOG.
I do love my life even i just run around London most of the time and not having that much spare time.


(as the girls always do a picture or 33 of them in their posts, I’ll give you a L’OrĂ©al picture)

What I do when my friends dont keep an eye on me

Threat Elin with a knife when she gets all huffed and puffed up about wanting to leave the house

Laugh with a beautiful english guy (and teach him how to become a swede)

Try to show the world the inside of my nose – its such a lovely place

Cry over spillt milk. How on earth can both your last cigarettes lack tobacco…?