Swedish meatball fiesta

Yesterday Elin made one of her epic swedish dinner and treated me, Tompa and Tom to properly made meatballs. Tom acted sous chef and helped out with the mash and I was Santas little helper and made the ‘pressgurka’. Tompa just ate.

Everything needed for meatballs including lingonberry jam, pressgurka and brunsås. Yummy!

A ravished table. 1 kg of minced meat is not to much for 3 hungry swedes and an almost swede.

I was going to show the disgusting top of our dishwasher as a little treat but like everything else remotely technical in my life right now my phone suddenly rebooted and went haywire this morning (read – broke down as have the washing machine) and everything is gone incl the lovely photos. To bad for you!

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