They see me rollin’

I was going to give you all some pics after the weekend but since my phone (no, not an iphone – a samsung since i want to be so different according to Elin) reset I havent got my email to work hence no way of sending pics to myself leaving us picless after the weekend festivities. But rest assure, as soon as the IT guys are back i’ll have them fix it. Just wasnt sure it was reason enough to call them on their day off.

The weekend was great as always – even if I have a slightly ‘done with it’ attitued toward partying as you can see below. Friday was Anglesea arms, seafood plateu at Blubeird and Raffeling with Daddy Rislöw. And boy did he deliver. He definitely owned that pole with his daughter. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Tom was there with his broskis as well and showed that even in the veins if english boys runs the capacity for Raffeling.

Saturday was spent picnicing in the park and then BBQ with pictionary and jello shots (why not) and svens and the guys place. I think pictionary would have been slightly easier minus jello shots and notes reading ‘Oprah in king’ and ‘mulder from the xfiles’.

Sunday was vintage shopping for the Rislöws and Cookseys while i went to the gym and cleaned my soul with bleach.

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