Filling CC’s shoes

Is not easy because she has turned into something of a problogger, which I used to be, these days I am an unreliable amateur. Anyways thought I’d shed some light on what is going on in LAAANNNDAN and the Mansions. 1) the weather really, really REALLY sucks. Having lived in the UK for 5 years now I can conclude this is always the case in June. So never go here in June for holiday. Go here in May, because it is always sunny in May. July is ok, August is brilliant. But June. June is pissing on us, and the skies are dense and grey.

2) Me and Tompen are going sailing as crewmembers with The Yacth Week! My friend Sara has moved here to work for TYW and invited us to come with. It’s the last week of August and so we have embarked on a detox to freshen up our minds and get rid of some bellyfat (me) and get an even better sixpack (Tompen.) We are stupidiously excited to say the least and are really looking forward to sun, swimming and meeting lots of happy Scandies. AND, we are living on a MASSIVE SHIP! Like, a proper pirate ship.

3) Work is no fun at the moment. I spend most of my time doing admin and it toxifies my brain. Luckily a fun weekend is coming up (midsummer!) so I am looking forward to that..but yes, shredding papers, typing in data and sending letters out. It is a soulkiller for me. I wish the NHS would grant me a secretary!

4) Midsummer! Friday we are doing a midsummer party at Raffles, and Saturday will be picknick and maypole dancing in the sun (rain?) to celebrate the lightest (wettest?) day of the

Roger has moved into CCs room now that she is gone, he is dressed in a rain poncho as is suitable these days. I have some kind of itchy bites on my legs and am now wondering if he have some kind of new exciting parasite in our flat? Obsessional cleaning to be undertaken shortly.

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