Sweden revisited part 1

As the blog silence over the last couple of weeks bear witness to I’ve been away living the high life in Sweden (i.e been covered in lots of rain) and I will of course give you some snap shots of the high lights.

Mum and me were walking around Nyköping watching an exhibition from her youth (you do tend to forget that your parents have been reckless kids as well – when mum started talking about their party days my eyes bulged a bit)

The board walk in Nyköping. Fancy stuff

But I soon left quiet life for picnic with my girls (that ended with me performing on a guitar for 2 hours for all my ‘fans’. When i broke the first guitar i luckily found another one. The show MUST go on. Sanna were feeding people crisps with a garden tool and Bella was miss canada in hockey shirt and fur hat. A normal night with the girls)

Maggie holding something unidentified

Summer happy Filippa (before the siba tie and killer shoes)

You can really see us dancing with joy

Especially these two crazzzzy parrrty people

Good thing it picked up after a while. Guess it was that dangerous pimms that is to blame

Siba got some great PR from this

Unfortunately i couldnt ‘find’ the pictures of me playing the guitar. What a shame…

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