Epic tea failure

Taking a quiet night in friday turned out to be the worst mistake ever. Me and Elin met up in the kitchen for a nice breakfast before heading out into the first day of sun for a long time. I made us both a cup of tea… which turned out to be an Epic Tea Failure!

The glass cup exploded and the scalding hot tea ended up on my leg. The skin melted and leaft an open wound.

Elin and me went to the clinic down our street by they didnt really know what to do so they just put gooey stuff on the leg. Good thing I had my angel Elin with me that made sure that I didnt put on to a brave face and actually got help.

Missing breakfast Elin bought us some picnic. What better place to have it than in a waiting room surronded xby sick people and wounded?

Treat night! We had pizza, ice cream, candy and home made ‘chokladbollar’. Sometimes it pays off to be a wounded soldier.

A pretty hot look! I’ve been ordained to stay at home and dont move around. Booooring but mama Elin wont let me sneak off and have one beer. Darn!


‘They were frightening to the civilians because they had evolved not into killers but into passive beings whose only aim was to endure’

I’m reading an equally interesting and depressing book called Birdsong. It’s a story about the first world war. I’s beautifully yet hauntingly written and it’s very hard not to get affected by the horrors described in the trenches.

Being used to reading all sorts of books I have a capacity for mentally distancing myself when not reading but this one is hard to shake. I’ve been in a very weird mood since I started reading it. I think its the general feeling in the book described by the sentence above – being pushed into loosing all trace of humanity. It’s not about inhuman actions but how seeing to much make you hollow – the hollow men.

Long time since i read a book that affected me this strongly. It will be a relieve when it’s done, both for what it’s given me and for being over.

Eternal sunshine on a vacated mind

Wanting nothing more than to go on vacation I’m browsing through old summer pictures on FB and stumble on these old gems from Cannes 2008

I do carry myself with a certain poise and elegance at all times. The slight tan just help enhance the ol’ pirate look. A scruffy beard and I would be ready to go hang out with Johnny Depp.

And seem to be in a general awesome mood when away.

Seeing this picture I do know what I miss. See you soon lovely ladies.

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Planning upcoming weekend in Sweden. The schedule is taking shape. You do need a schedule. Things cant just be played by ear since you might miss something, or someone or just end up drifting around drinking rose all day which would be an absolute disaster.

As of now we are planning to do EVERYTHING! Meet everyone, see everything, go to the best parties, chill by our pool, eat amazing food, eat loads of candy, dance until the sun rises, read, sleep, show Tom just how amazing Sthlm really is, fall in love with the city again, be on a boat, swim, talk swedish, share everything that happened since last time we were home, listen to our friends talk about their lives, give out loads of hugs, eat even more candy and swedish new potatoes and cray fish and 7/11 youghurt ice cream, take Tom to Djurgården and Skansen and Söder and Fredsgatan and Lydmar and Strandvägen, make new friends, feel the love from our families, make a thousand new memories, laugh at old memories, drink shots, get a tan and enjoy every minute we are there.

Dr Death

This is being promoted on our lovely church yard and raises so many questions. Dr Death?! (that sounds like something from a bad horror movie). Is Robert Stephenson Dr Death? In that case, what have he done to deserve that name? What is Sepuchral Symbolism? And what have Dr Death to do with that? The Annual? Dr Death do this every year? Do he have followers? Can you be a Dr Death eater? Dr Deathian? Dr Deather?

Good thing is that I’m back from Sweden when this take place and can get all my questions answered by Dr Death himself.


Telephone retard

For some reason I happen to be a telephone retard. As Kix said, when talking to me on the phone you have to treat me like a retarded child with dementia. Especially if you happen to speak english. Its like a part of my brain shuts down my normal understanding and nothing sticks. It doesnt matter if I ask again or if people repeat themselves, once i hang up its blank.

I go to all lenghts to avoid speaking on the phone but the few times I have to it always causes problems. Without a fault.

Last night was a simple phone call to decide when and where I should meet O. I still have no idea what we said but it was obviously not what i thought since I had to send him this message:

Poor guy. But, that should teach him to ALWAYS confirm with a text, im not to be trusted on a phone.

Sun stroked London weekend

For the first time in weeks we saw some sun. That calls for matching nail polish for my homeless feets. (kix have proclaimed my feets look like a homeless man’s)

We went up to Notting Hill for a glass of wine and a friday feeling talk. Elin was this happy even if she didnt drink.

Peter was ‘gräsänkling’ and took me on a roller coaster shot ride ending with jägerbombs and blurry photos of restaurant flowers.

Saturday started with yet another viewing. But this time we hit gold and found our dream apartment. In a matter of minutes it was signed and paid and we are now (fingers crossed) moving in to our dream home soon.

I spent saturday night at home eating ice cream and watching these two bad boys get ready for a night on the town. Given their innocent looks you can tell they are up to no good.

Sunday came with sun and me and Elin went out for a three hour walk through London. Best was a little 80 year old lady who stopped us and told we had lovely bodies. Not every day you get chatted up by sweet old ladies.

We ended up at a lovely place called Cafe plum which served a wicked granola. Yummy!

On the way back we passed our new home and tried to break in to the fancy Queens tennis club around the corner. We were not wanted. So our goal is to find a way in before the year is over.

At home Elin presented me with this gift. Without being presumptious this might be the best gift ever! Vampire keys! I’ll be the coolest kid on the block.

Vacation mode

Not much to report at the moment. The Mansions family are all in various stages of vacation mode taking it easy on the social and partying front. Elin and me are apartment hunting, Kix and me will be donning our most traditional english gear and go walking at Hampstead heath this saturday, Im hooked on american crap Tv and lazy when it comes to the work out and there is a feeling of tiredness in the flat.

The only one who’s still representing is Tompa – he and Laxen will do the full moon party on saturday. The spontaneous reaction from Elin and me were ‘over our dead bodies’. Quite a long way from earlier this spring.