Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Planning upcoming weekend in Sweden. The schedule is taking shape. You do need a schedule. Things cant just be played by ear since you might miss something, or someone or just end up drifting around drinking rose all day which would be an absolute disaster.

As of now we are planning to do EVERYTHING! Meet everyone, see everything, go to the best parties, chill by our pool, eat amazing food, eat loads of candy, dance until the sun rises, read, sleep, show Tom just how amazing Sthlm really is, fall in love with the city again, be on a boat, swim, talk swedish, share everything that happened since last time we were home, listen to our friends talk about their lives, give out loads of hugs, eat even more candy and swedish new potatoes and cray fish and 7/11 youghurt ice cream, take Tom to Djurgården and Skansen and Söder and Fredsgatan and Lydmar and Strandvägen, make new friends, feel the love from our families, make a thousand new memories, laugh at old memories, drink shots, get a tan and enjoy every minute we are there.

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