Epic tea failure

Taking a quiet night in friday turned out to be the worst mistake ever. Me and Elin met up in the kitchen for a nice breakfast before heading out into the first day of sun for a long time. I made us both a cup of tea… which turned out to be an Epic Tea Failure!

The glass cup exploded and the scalding hot tea ended up on my leg. The skin melted and leaft an open wound.

Elin and me went to the clinic down our street by they didnt really know what to do so they just put gooey stuff on the leg. Good thing I had my angel Elin with me that made sure that I didnt put on to a brave face and actually got help.

Missing breakfast Elin bought us some picnic. What better place to have it than in a waiting room surronded xby sick people and wounded?

Treat night! We had pizza, ice cream, candy and home made ‘chokladbollar’. Sometimes it pays off to be a wounded soldier.

A pretty hot look! I’ve been ordained to stay at home and dont move around. Booooring but mama Elin wont let me sneak off and have one beer. Darn!

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