Life as a cripple

Doctors told me I wasnt allowed out of the house and basically not move around at all. Yesterday was spent in bed watching shitty movies, eating ice cream and being bored. Shedding some light in the darkness were O who came by for an hour and then Tom and Elin cooking me Bolognese, way better than hospital food!

This morning I let my toes linger in the sun. Even if I love vampires I’m not ready to turn into one.

Joy and happiness, the doctor told me I was allowed out for a short while and that I could walk around on the leg as long as it didnt hurt. Good thing I’m of old warrior breed and dont think anything hurts. Hung around in the park for a while and made friends with a lovely 2 year olf girl that came over and sat on my leg. I think that was positive baby healing.

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