And so we move into fall

Welcome back me! 3 weeks of vacation and I’m feel full of energy to take on fall. I’ve always mistrusted people that say ‘It’s actually nice being back from vacation’. Who in their right mind think it’s nice to be back from lazy days of sun and games to sit in an office again?

Well, now I’m one of them. Blaming it on the boring days if being a burn victim and silence the voice in me that whispers ‘You are growing old, like routines and stuff. You even thought to your self how nice it was to have a quiet vacation so that you are happy to get up in the morning for your power walk’

We are soon moving flats. If The Mansions was all about crazy nights of partying, dressing up in skimpy sailor suits and dating weird french guys I have a feeling Comragh (??) rd will be all bout tea, early night, dinner w wine (dont get to drunk mind you) and maybe even take up a hobby.

Oh my!

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