The power of sugar

I had no idea it was even possible to eat as much candy as I have without falling off the chair from bodily surprise. I think my body is in a state of shock. It’s good though. Marabou milk chocolate with daim. Yum.

It’s not just me that are too tired for action after eating sweeties.

For english readers it says that the people working at a jail in sweden forgot to lock in some interns for the night, among them 3 people in jail for murder, and the interns took the time to bake some cake and watch TV. That is rock and roll.


Liin is in town and that will be celebrated with party! We’ll start at Laxens and then see where the night takes us.

I’d bought a dress for tonight, to prove to Liin that I can look trashy but when I tried it on it was simply too short. Fail! She will not be impressed. Really looking forward to seeing her though, and giddy as a school girl with excitement about going out. I have a feeling this will be a good night.

So the student become the master

Lost in word feud to baby bro. I would like to say i taught him everything he can but that’s not true. As he used to say when we were kids ‘Cissi – I got the IQ and you got the EQ’. Well, I thank you… Just because you are smarter than me doesn’t mean you need to point it out.

But once I’ve mastered this tricky language called English I’ll own him in English word feud. OWN!


Not every day you find a man managing to eat, put on socks and being photographed looking fabulous in the sun at the same time. Who says it’s only women that can multitask?

Yesterday Elin, Oliver and me had IKEA meatballs, cream sauce (Oliver’s face went a bit pale (even paler than usual) when he saw that the sauce was basically just cream), pressgurka, mash and lingonberry jam. Mums! After dinner Elin streamed ‘Farmer seeks wife’. Somehow the thought of Swedish farmers finding love didn’t appeal to Oliver so we listened to dub instead.

Fortunate for me I had a Glee session before, need my daily dose of trash culture and its so hard to sneak that in while spending time with Oliver, I’m always caught even if i try to disguise it by doing Swedish trash culture. A girl just can’t get any slack.

Goodnight London

Elin is still at work and im all alone at home munching away at our decoration candy just now realising i cant work from home tomorrow since im waiting for mr internet man and i cant work without internet. Such a happy catch 22 – unexpected day off. Good thing i have so many left to take.
All this excitment have got me all tired so off to the lord/dwarf bed.

Fish cheeks, pork bellies and an exhausted englishman

Oliver was back from Rome yesterday and the poor guy was a broken version of himself (that extremely tired, slept 4 hours a night, might be the most accurate version of him though given how much he works all the time. Not even parties, which is usually my excuse for sleeping 4 hours a night, but solely work) but he managed to drag his tired body out for dinner and we had a really nice time at the local pub eating monkfish cheeks (I might have misunderstood that, do fish have cheeks?), cod and pork belly (belly, really? It is good but it’s still belly).

Once back at his place miracles do happen and we were in bed before 12. But before that Oliver and Tristan had time to laugh at (it’s a thin line to making fun of) my swedishness, or swedes in general. For some reason they thought putting feathers on sticks for Easter was weird, they felt bad for everyone at Boujis having to listen to Swedish music (maybe they just felt bad for everyone being at Boujis period) and spoke to me in gibberish (aka Swedish by an Englishman).

They are so just jealous!

How can this ever be weird??

How to (not) spend money

Did an Elin and went out and did some shopping over lunch. We are both supposed to live cheap this month given the move and IKEA and well, general life style we have. Somehow we suck at saving money (mum, i know that makes you cry) and shopping is so not part of the plan.

I know I should return it but everything was so pretty. I’ll use Elins excuse from last week ‘i fell in love’. Honestly I might not have fallen in love but I’m definitely smitten, especially in my orange skirt. It makes me look interesting and less like a wannabe biker babe.

I think it have to stay.