Running and eating and walking and eating and sleeping and eating

I was running the 5K womens challenge charity run in Hyde Park yesterday. Then me and O went walking around Hammersmith for 3 hours. I also walked to and back from Hyde Park. All in all there was 4.5 hour walking yesterday and 30 min running. No wonder my body feel like i’ve put it through a death match.

To top it up O had to leave at 5.30 this morning waking me up with his industrial ceiling lamp (something about it being perfect for viewing photos under)

Tonight i’m doing NOTHING! Maybe an episode of true blood but that’s it. Sandwiches for dinner. Quality sofa time.

We did get to eat chocolate brownie and pistachio cup cake though. And see really big soap bubbles. And Elin and Tom cooked us dinner ans had bought carrot cake cup cakes for dessert. And Elin made us home made bread.

You could say it was a day of extremes.

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