Movie times

No popcorn yesterday. I feel cheated. Wasabi peas and dark chocolate are not the same thing as popcorn and chunky monkey ice cream. I think i prefer going to westfields with you Elin.

We did go to the japanese afterward though and that was delicious as always so i shouldnt be complaining.

The movie, ‘Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy’ was really good and I feel proud of my fellow swede Alfredson. It was a bit tricky following in english, needed full focus of my english understanding abilities, and I could hear the whispers from my neighbour, ‘is he dead?‘, ‘is it flash backs now?’, ‘what is happening?’. I did manage to follow and truly enjoyed it even if le Carre is not one of my favourite writers.

Outside we did a run through and analysis and I felt like being back at university again. I’ve almost forgotten what it feel like feeling the need to discuss a movie afer you’ve seen it. It’s not that much to say about a movie like Bridesmaids other than its hilarious and make me happy.

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