Not every day you find a man managing to eat, put on socks and being photographed looking fabulous in the sun at the same time. Who says it’s only women that can multitask?

Yesterday Elin, Oliver and me had IKEA meatballs, cream sauce (Oliver’s face went a bit pale (even paler than usual) when he saw that the sauce was basically just cream), pressgurka, mash and lingonberry jam. Mums! After dinner Elin streamed ‘Farmer seeks wife’. Somehow the thought of Swedish farmers finding love didn’t appeal to Oliver so we listened to dub instead.

Fortunate for me I had a Glee session before, need my daily dose of trash culture and its so hard to sneak that in while spending time with Oliver, I’m always caught even if i try to disguise it by doing Swedish trash culture. A girl just can’t get any slack.

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