Living with Martin Timell

I am incredibly happy about my blogger app, I can blog everywhere now. Only problem is the pictures. WTF!? Why do they get all ‘squary’ from getting uploaded in the app. That’s weird. But in all fairness, they are not the best pictures to start with so it might not be the end of the world.

Otherwise Monday. Took a walk along the river (that’s not true, took a walk in the city looking for the river but directions challenged me couldn’t find it) with Kix yesterday and talked about everything. Missed her. When we had exhausted our capacity for talking I came home to Martin Timell who had drilled, hammered and swore her room into obeying her need for storage. Grudgingly (I become surly and lazy, like a bitchy teenager, when I have to help build stuff) I helped her get the room in order and then watched pushing daisies.

Slept like a baby in my lord/dwarf bed.

Cupcakes and shots

After the ikea craziness yesterday elin and me cleaned up ok (elin was absolutely gorgeous looking like draculas bride in a flowing dress) and went to danis.

After a few (well) drinks boujis was on the list. We had so much fun dancing elin got told she danced too hard by the bouncer… That didnt stop us and as usual we thought we owned the place.

Coming home i was moved to tears by elins thoughtfulness buying cupcakes on the way home from boujis and i took a big bite. I should have understood something was fishy when it wasnt a kebab. This morning she told me she found it in a garbage bin on the way home.

Now ikea delivery. Martin timell needs all her skills for this one…

Finally done and on the tube one hefty ikea bill and the disappointment of meat balls without mash later.

In a couple of hours boujis. That feels far, far away. The thought of changing swedish top quality furniture for champagne and dance club owning is hard to wrap your head around but its a job and someone has got to do it.

Morning sunshine

Saturday morning sunshine in lovely London. After being woken by a horrendous alarm eight o clock cursing the neighbour (only to find out it was elins) me and the tomlins made an epic breakfast with freshly baked bread from the bakery and chupa chup lollipops.

Now fighting with all the other red wine hung over women in IKEA.

The modern world

Laying in bed with my new samsung phone (yeay) i’m being incredibly tech savvy blogging from my new blogger app. I would say too cool for school (maybe that doesnt apply to geekerie)

Yesterday elin, tom and me drank red wine, ate cheese and talked about stupid little nothings. Absolutely perfect. Today cafe plums granola (yummy) and a walk along the river.

Hell yeah!

For Lisa

I send all my thoughts to Elin’s mum, my friend and the amazing women Lisa. Hope your back gets better, that you enjoy being able to use the dishwasher again (that is positive energy if nothing else) and that you dont have to keep eating all those medicines.

And i do hope I get to see you and your warmth here soon again. We need a Lisa boost soon and I know i speak for all of us. Snuggle up in our sofa and talk about all the important things in life. And I know Elin really needs a hug from her mum.

All my love ❤


Sunny skies, friday and ‘make me feel smashing’ outfit. Life’s pretty good!

Some really good news yesterday, Mum comes to visit me end of November and the weekend before give us the presence of lovely Tove. Bright lights in the almost winter darkness.

Tonight we’re having dinner in and wine on the balcony (first I have to clear away the last of the dead bodies that’s sadly discarded all over the balcony) and tomorrow me and Elin are going nightclubbing with Dani and Kirsten. Sunday I’m having lunch with Kix (if I can get myself and my tired body out of bed).

Are you allowed to say you managed the perfect kompott for the weekend?

Old friends

Some years ago Maggie and me went to Roatan in Honduras and had the most amazing time. We were both newly single, lived in our 24 square meter flat and partied more than was healthy but for a couple of weeks we found paradise.

We scuba dived, svam, read books, ate hamburgers, drank Zac attacks and bloody marys and met some of the most amazing people in the world. Friendship founded on lazy sunny days and late night dancing managed to grow strong and when the winter was at its coldest Billy and Jonathan showed up with sun in their eyes spending New Years in Sthlm and some snowy days at my country house.

I just talked to Billy on FB (love that place) and he told me he is touring with Jason Mraz coming to Sweden soon and gave me the link to the heartbreakingly beautiful song he wrote to Maggie. It brings back so many sweet and crazy memories.
I really hope I get to see him when he comes to Sweden. Friendships that last for years based on amazing people are worth fighting for.