…and then there was the rest

Bella and me woke up late on Saturday and decided to stay in. Stumbling around in yesterdays make up that was probably for the best

When Bella left I pretended to be an ant eater and used my long mouth to suck the fridge clean from anything edible. I also watched Boardwalk empire and dreamed about being a 20’s prostitute. It somehow seemed nicer than being hung over.

When Oliver called I left ant eating and prostitute day dreams behind and went for dinner with him and Miranda. On the way over there I got so taken by a cute pumpkin outfit that I managed to drop my card. I am a klutz!

Sunday I went to the gym (!! applause please) and then met Maja for Sunday roast in Notting Hill. We got unexpected company by Pettan and that ended up in TP with a group of Norwegians. Before Pettan and me could win Oliver came to pick me up and we went to Jamies for italian. Good thing I went to the gym earlier on…

In a couple of hours Britney!

Friday night party

Friday night and back at the crime scene Raffles. After not being properly out and about for a couple of weeks I was dangerously excited. Everyone else kind of just had to go with it.  

Laxen cooked us dinner, amazing red curry. The only thing standing between us and disaster. And then the party begun. Not sure thai red curry is enough to keep disaster from happening…

Bella owned the drip/shots pole

Laxen did hos normal trick of drinking straight from the bottle. Very popular with the club owners

You were allowed to smoke inside!! I say it again, you were allowed to SMOKE inside! (what is up with my skin colour. I mean for real! I am NOT wearing Halloween make up, I mean, i am a natural and Halloween is the one time of year I am the norm so basically I could say that everyone was dressed up as me. Sweet!)

Andreas outside Wimbeldon. That’s something worth celebrating. And remembering since it probably wont happen soon again.

Girls owning the sofa! Everyone was Halloween themed, we were just kids just let out in the nightclub running wild owning the sofa themed.

Bad boys and they are coming for you (whether you want it or not).

You could hope it was to help you but in the end of the day it was to get you even drunker.

Face the truth

Some days you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and you say ‘hey, I look kind of alright, pretty even. I even out rank that girl in the office with the tight ass and cute little dresses. Not bad for an almost 30 year old’

Then I see this picture and I crash land with a bang! Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself to not get too big a head. 

Living la vida loca

Bella and me went to the Botanist yesterday for drinks. We were supposed to hang out with her banker colleagues but given that they are bankers (and therefore a very doubtful species) they canceled last minute leaving us to fend for ourselves. Which we happily did.

Bella saw at least three very good looking men that she drooled over and I was secretly very happy about everyone looking the same confirming my sloanie prejudices. We were both equally happy about the giant sized wine glasses.

The giant sized wine glasses took its toll on us. 

When we came home Elin wanted some wine action as well and decided, very rock and roll, to smash a glass. Over our feets. Bella’s little mini, brown foot in the corner was far from the action but I had to take the full force of Elins deep down hidden dream for living la vida loca.

Not more loca than her cleaning it up as soon as she realized what she done.

‘…och jag är en idiot’

Went out to lunch with my colleagues and got this little gem of a dumpling plate.

Yesterday I cooked dinner for Bella, Elin and Oliver. It was almost this beautifully presented (except for some serious sloppiness with the soy sauce and well, minus the flower, and colour and plate.) We did what you usually do when having dinner; ate, talked, drank wine and finished a bag of dumle after the dessert.

Before going to bed I taught Oliver another useful phrase for when he comes to Sweden

‘Du är snygg och jag är en idiot’ (you are a babe and I’m an idiot)*. He’s going to go far that man

*It might seem like I’m this horrible person teaching him to say he’s an idiot (which i don’t, in most cases, think) but he asked to know. It was in the context of not being able to understand swedish but I gave it some artistic flare.

A little piece of london

Sus was in town last night and all my food thinking paid off. We did go to Churchill arms for thai and to the ice cream place for pistachio. Perfect night.

A tiny, tiny girl photographing a tiny, tiny car and at the same time holding the Biggest. Pile. Of. Paper. Ever. 

Churchill arms. Love the facade and all the flowers.

Pistachio and Fragola. A little piece of heaven. 

Sus seemed to love it as well (even if she had the shitty taste of caramel and coffee. Some people shouldnt be trusted near ice cream)

I left her safely at the hotel at eight and went home for some whores and gangsters in Boardwalk empire. After his double bill (of what to seem to be quite shitty, ‘horrible’ was the verdict of Midnight in Paris and ‘beautifully filmed but to 80’s and over the top’ for Drive, films) Oliver came over and I started to teach him some swedish. He has now perfected the useful phrase ‘Snälla, kan jag få en kram’ (Can I please have a hug). Hard to resist.

Food thinking

I’m meeting Sussie for dinner tonight. I’m thinking thai at Churchill arms. Or maybe something english if Sussie is dying for it but the english food is in general quite crappo (sorry english people). The Elgin is nice though. Mmm, hamburger…

But more than anything I’m thinking ice cream at the italian place. Pistachio for sure (they better not be out, I get grumpy then) and banana.

Be damned, hungry already and there is a couple of hours to go.

Heavy days

Some days are heavier than other. From the moment you wake up they press on all the positives making them shrink into tiny bits of nothingness. Everything seem sad and it’s hard to remember the good things.

You know they are there, the positives, you try to remind yourself of all the amazing things you have. You do have all of those amazing things and you feel guilty for even feeling those sharp bits of nothingness nestled in your heart. Realizing you have something is not the same thing as feeling that you have something.

Those heavy days makes it heard to breathe.

You must learn how to close those blue eyes of yours and see the world for what it is sometimes. No one will know how to look after you if you don’t ask them. They wont know how they hurt if you don’t tell them.

That is what makes it hard to breathe.

Goodbye Tompen

An era is going to its end. Little Tompen, all grown up by now, is moving back to Sweden in a couple of days. That needed a goodbye in style so we went to Balans for brunch.

Laxen sported his P cap. He was very happy with that to start with but then he realized he could be having a Lax cap. Then the hunt began for the perfect cap.

The guys were somewhat hang over. Tompen is just slightly (crazy) bloated 

Yummy! I was feeling crap (I am so tired of this, my body and I are not on the same wave length at the moment) and didnt eat but it looked amazing for those who did. 

Elin had both quesedillas and french toast. As you do when you are Elin.

After all that amazing food we went to Chelsea farmers market for Pimms. Or, the others had pimms. I had  thoughts on what to do to this treacherous body of mine.

Elin was happy and somewhat weird. As it should be.