Friendship trough thick and thin

Chrisse is coming to London for the weekend and sent me an email earlier this week warning that he do not want to go out and do the London nightlife. Sweet! Suits me perfectly. New, slightly less party, me are very happy at the prospect of a no nightclubs, home with a glass of wine, weekend with one of my best friends.

We will watch football, drink beer, eat nice food and catch up on everything including the wedding (!) and whats really been going on over the last 6 months or so.

This is quite far away from where we come from though, Chrisse used to be my partner in crime from the tender age of 17 when I first got to know him. Me 17, him 24 found a shared love for fantasy, sarcastic jokes and shots and that keep us friends 12 years later.

Lot has happened, we’ve gone through my ‘smoke in bed, don’t eat only drink, depressed’ punk phase, Chrisse’s ‘glue cd’s to peoples feets, fry half a friends face in a face solarium for an hour, own the nigtclubs with kristoffer’ phase, to mine ‘newly broken up, drinking all the licquorice shots in sthlm, calling crying needing help on a door step’ phase and his ‘living with Henkan, tiring of nightclubs, trying to find someone interesting to spend his life with’ phase.

And here we are, landed in sort of (sort of in my case, very in Chrisse’s case) grown up land enjoying a weekend of football and grown up conversations. Who would have thought given where we come from?

I’m in no doubt that we will still manage to drink one too many beers tomorrow and create some new awesome memories.

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