Goodbye Tompen

An era is going to its end. Little Tompen, all grown up by now, is moving back to Sweden in a couple of days. That needed a goodbye in style so we went to Balans for brunch.

Laxen sported his P cap. He was very happy with that to start with but then he realized he could be having a Lax cap. Then the hunt began for the perfect cap.

The guys were somewhat hang over. Tompen is just slightly (crazy) bloated 

Yummy! I was feeling crap (I am so tired of this, my body and I are not on the same wave length at the moment) and didnt eat but it looked amazing for those who did. 

Elin had both quesedillas and french toast. As you do when you are Elin.

After all that amazing food we went to Chelsea farmers market for Pimms. Or, the others had pimms. I had  thoughts on what to do to this treacherous body of mine.

Elin was happy and somewhat weird. As it should be.

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