‘…och jag är en idiot’

Went out to lunch with my colleagues and got this little gem of a dumpling plate.

Yesterday I cooked dinner for Bella, Elin and Oliver. It was almost this beautifully presented (except for some serious sloppiness with the soy sauce and well, minus the flower, and colour and plate.) We did what you usually do when having dinner; ate, talked, drank wine and finished a bag of dumle after the dessert.

Before going to bed I taught Oliver another useful phrase for when he comes to Sweden

‘Du är snygg och jag är en idiot’ (you are a babe and I’m an idiot)*. He’s going to go far that man

*It might seem like I’m this horrible person teaching him to say he’s an idiot (which i don’t, in most cases, think) but he asked to know. It was in the context of not being able to understand swedish but I gave it some artistic flare.

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