Living la vida loca

Bella and me went to the Botanist yesterday for drinks. We were supposed to hang out with her banker colleagues but given that they are bankers (and therefore a very doubtful species) they canceled last minute leaving us to fend for ourselves. Which we happily did.

Bella saw at least three very good looking men that she drooled over and I was secretly very happy about everyone looking the same confirming my sloanie prejudices. We were both equally happy about the giant sized wine glasses.

The giant sized wine glasses took its toll on us. 

When we came home Elin wanted some wine action as well and decided, very rock and roll, to smash a glass. Over our feets. Bella’s little mini, brown foot in the corner was far from the action but I had to take the full force of Elins deep down hidden dream for living la vida loca.

Not more loca than her cleaning it up as soon as she realized what she done.

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