…and then there was the rest

Bella and me woke up late on Saturday and decided to stay in. Stumbling around in yesterdays make up that was probably for the best

When Bella left I pretended to be an ant eater and used my long mouth to suck the fridge clean from anything edible. I also watched Boardwalk empire and dreamed about being a 20’s prostitute. It somehow seemed nicer than being hung over.

When Oliver called I left ant eating and prostitute day dreams behind and went for dinner with him and Miranda. On the way over there I got so taken by a cute pumpkin outfit that I managed to drop my card. I am a klutz!

Sunday I went to the gym (!! applause please) and then met Maja for Sunday roast in Notting Hill. We got unexpected company by Pettan and that ended up in TP with a group of Norwegians. Before Pettan and me could win Oliver came to pick me up and we went to Jamies for italian. Good thing I went to the gym earlier on…

In a couple of hours Britney!

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