Friday night party

Friday night and back at the crime scene Raffles. After not being properly out and about for a couple of weeks I was dangerously excited. Everyone else kind of just had to go with it.  

Laxen cooked us dinner, amazing red curry. The only thing standing between us and disaster. And then the party begun. Not sure thai red curry is enough to keep disaster from happening…

Bella owned the drip/shots pole

Laxen did hos normal trick of drinking straight from the bottle. Very popular with the club owners

You were allowed to smoke inside!! I say it again, you were allowed to SMOKE inside! (what is up with my skin colour. I mean for real! I am NOT wearing Halloween make up, I mean, i am a natural and Halloween is the one time of year I am the norm so basically I could say that everyone was dressed up as me. Sweet!)

Andreas outside Wimbeldon. That’s something worth celebrating. And remembering since it probably wont happen soon again.

Girls owning the sofa! Everyone was Halloween themed, we were just kids just let out in the nightclub running wild owning the sofa themed.

Bad boys and they are coming for you (whether you want it or not).

You could hope it was to help you but in the end of the day it was to get you even drunker.

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