Britney bitch!

We went to the Britney concert last night. Filled with anticipation (of varying degrees, Britney was never really my idol but who says no to big ass concerts with loads of fireworks?)

Elin and Laxen ran immediately for the t-shirts 

Tom didnt want to be left out (or miss the chance to show off his body to all the gays)

Fully kitted for full on Britney lovin’

We waited, screamed (you kind of have to) and finally she came out… anti climax. The girl cant move (according to Elin she can but is too lazy) I thought she looked like she was popping valium and someone should shoot her stylist. The girl is 30, not 17. Britney have perfected white trash and with her inability to move at all in a sexy way she looked like that slightly porky (she is not fat, just horrendously styled) girl with too much make up and too little clothes.

But Elin and Tom liked it, its Britney after all! After all, they had their new t-shirts on making them feel fab and that’s the most important thing for a good night.

She did some efforts to talk to the crowd, they screamed and everyone seemed happy (except for the family in front of me that left after half the show)

Elin did love it but cringed half of the time for the sheer awkwardness of the dancing.

All in all the music were great (for what is it), the show was cool and Britney were horrible. Looking forward to Lykke Li tonight.

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