Stuck in nothing

This little piece of Universe is usually about the good things in life. Bits and pieces from a life that makes me very happy and friends that puts a smile on my face.

Not today. I’m old, grey and tired today. And sad, so very sad. There is no reason for it and everyone who’s been under the spell of winter hopelessness knows what it feels like and that there is nothing to do other to wait for better days.

I wish there was something to take away this bottomless feeling of nothing, this thing that make you want to roll up in a ball and pretend you don’t exist. It reminds me of times when my life was always like this and I’ve fought so hard to not be that person any longer.

It will pass. Tomorrow I’ll be me again and smiling drink my glass of wine feeling safe and warm in the company of my friends. I’ll just have to get through the day until then.

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