Very much fail

I miss Oliver. He is living the high life in NY (don’t mind him sleeping on a mini sofa, when in NY you are per automatic living the high life).

I was going to use his cardigan in the hope of it smelling like him. But it didn’t. It smelled of me and ginger bread dough. Fail.

Then I was going to look through picture of him and be all soppy oooh and aaahing. I didn’t have any. In my refusal to let him take pictures of me I’ve thought that the fairest thing is not to take any of him. An odd sense of justice. Double fail.

So now I’m back to simply missing him and wishing that he’ll come back soon

I’m posting a picture of Gaston instead. Oliver is like Gaston but nice. And a lot smarter. And less into hunting, busty blondes (i hope) and ale. And he doesnt wear red. Maybe not that much like Gaston after all.

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