Mum in London

Mum came to visit me over the weekend. I thought I was smart when I decided to book the later bus if she was late. She wasnt and we had to wait for an hour. Mum pretended to be a really old little lady for them to let us on but it didnt work. Bastards!

Eventually we came home and woke up early friday morning (mum blaming it on time difference that she came and woke me up at 7.30 in the morning)

Breakfast at our lovely little cafe.

Then followed a day out and about. Here is me and the little warrior having a glass of wine at Harvey Nichols as a rest in our hard day.

In the evening I took mum to Mall Tavern for her beloved chicken Kiev

Oliver joined us and happily looked on when we drank loads of red wine. Yum!

On Saturday we went to Petersham nurseries. Big disappointment that they didnt have the scones. I mean, 5 different cakes that all looked the same? But it was so nice there and mum happily talked about orage trees and ate her poppy seed cake.

Cutest Christmas decorations.

After Richmond and a long walk in the dark we went home and made duck. With some guidance from Tom Elin made a terrific job.

Mum and Elin ‘slog sina kloka huvuden ihop’ and made a amazing sauce.

So good! (even if Tom complained about the amount of sauce. I say the sauce is the good stuff)

All of a sudden we got company from Tom and Ben and the ‘söta pojkarna’ sat and talked photography while mum and elin compared fashion sense.

The wine ran out and the night ended. Tom and me tried to prolong it by running out and buy some more but Elin wouldnt have any of that. My head thanked her the day after.

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