On those long, cold nights of winter

Twilight movie. Except for the fact that it was the most horrible birth scenes ever, I mean ‘gag in your mouth I never want to have kids ever’ horrible and Laxen was about to run out screaming during all the lovey dovey stuff that lasted for ages it was all it was set out to be i.e vampires, werewolves and the mere humans they love.

Elin and Tom chickened out a bit on the food. If you are doing Westfields with ‘extra allt’ it kind of have to be ‘extra allt’.

Laxen and me went full on on the ‘extera allt’. Ice cream, candy, popcorn and soda. Hell yeah!

After the movie I went home to Oliver and had my own vampire when he came home at midnight dashing in a suit and tie.

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