And what a fairy tale ending

We woke up with tired bodies, pounding heads and vague memories of a fairy tale including sasuage men and crazy taxi drivers.

To ease our minds the morning was spent in the sofa watching movies before we headed out for a walk.

When we came back in Tom did some of his swedish lessons We all know that ‘hästen springer’ by now.

Still our bodies were tired and old from the night before so we decided on pancakes to lift our mood.

Elin, the pancake flipping wizard.

We had it all! Blueberry jam, raspberry jam, bananas, chocolate, strawberry fluff, sugar, honey, syrup and ham and cheese. Then – bed!

The story of Taxirarri and the three russian dolls

To see if Tove was ready to survive the London night we dressed up in fur hats and ventured off to winter wonderland.

This is the story of the three russian dolls out in the cold winter night.

Elin was the happiest of all getting herself a Very Big Sausage. Everyone who knows Elin knows that is like the best thing that can happen to her. This russian doll was one very happy doll.

Other than german sausages the wonderland was made up of german ghost houses, german fun fairs, german singing mooses, german tourists…

…and a german sausage man

Elin, the russian doll, fell in love with this german sausage man.

For some reason Elin all of a sudden grew a pair of gigantic boobs. No one really knows what happened.

In the midst of boob growing and german sausages that random shorts guy from earlier in the day showed up. Elin soon made sure he got into the right festive mood and added some zubrowka to his mulled wine.

See how happy that made him. Not even the fact that he apparently was a taxi driver far off his turf could dampen ‘Taxirarri’s’ mood.

Elin started to be a bit worried about this weird taxi driver shouting things like ‘very cheap taxi’ and drinking her vodka flask so she tried to hide herself and Tove behind a book.

That didnt really fly but Taxirarri made her come around with one of his smoldering looks. How can you not want to hang out with this guy, taxi leather jacket or not?

All of a sudden Elin boobs were considerable smaller and we had a new friend. A german sausage man. Magic things happen at Christmas time.

Elin and Taxirarri bonded over this fact and it seemed like this fairy tale would get a happy ending after all. 

But a taxi drivers business never sleeps and Elin, the russian doll, felt a but unappreciated.

A sudden french delivery made this fairytale sparkle again and Elin soon forgot Taxirarri and gave her precious vodka drops to Tom instead.

And boy, did he love it. It almost made him forget about the ugly bag he was carrying around. 

But not enough, this fashion prodigy couldn’t stand taking a lead role with such a hideous fashion statement so soon after meeting up with Taxirarri’s friend and wing man Christoffer the dolls and Tom headed home to ease his fashion challenged mind. 

Going to bed the most magical thing of all happened. There, on the wall, was a picture of Taxirarri.

A tourist in London

Saturday gave us gorgeous weather and we headed to conquer the day and show Tove what it is all about being a tourist in London.

You have to go ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ over the Themsen view together with all the other tourists.

And drink prosecco at Burrough market. The prosecco is a very important and vital part to any London day. Could be switched for a beer at the closest pub if the weather is worse.

Since it is Christmas time you also have to enjoy (and be amazed by) the english fascination with german christmas market stuff. But i must admit this looks kind of nice. (mmm, candy apples)

When you have drunk your prosecco, smelled all the smelly cheeses, eaten you market food of choice and commented on the fact that ‘you could eat all of it’, you should pick up a random guy in shorts to hang out with you. London is just not London without that. And drink mulled wine of course.

If the random guy in shorts happen to be flown in straight from thailand with peeling, but very tanned, shins  the better.

Out and about in London is amazing but at some point you need to head back home to load those batteries for London night life. We chose to load the batteries with warm pimms and warm schweppes. Fancy!

And an espresso martini. Coffee is the golden ticket to the best London experience.

After this very touristy and eventful day Tove is now fully certified Londoner so we took her out to test her wings to see if our little duckling could fly.

How to make two girls very, very happy

Post weekend Monday. Body filled with pancakes, mulled wine, cheese, pez and warm pimms mixed with warm schweppes. Tired but happy.

Tove came bearing the best gifts for two girls hooked on sweets. Pez boxes with four (!) different pez figurines.

After the initial happiness over these perfect gifts we drank red wine and talked. Our friday routine made even better with Tove at our side.

Worlds apart

Elin and me had quite different nights last night.

She and Tom had this lovely view at Winter Wonderland

I had this lovely view in my sofa (for anyone wondering what this actually is its omelet with salad).

After a while Oliver came and gave me some (some, since he was working and didnt really have time for me. But as he said, he was there if anything would go horribly wrong and I would break down and need him) company on this lonely thursday night and before I knew it Elin and Tom burst in full of life, laughter and sausage.

I still felt pretty old and gray.

Stuck in nothing

This little piece of Universe is usually about the good things in life. Bits and pieces from a life that makes me very happy and friends that puts a smile on my face.

Not today. I’m old, grey and tired today. And sad, so very sad. There is no reason for it and everyone who’s been under the spell of winter hopelessness knows what it feels like and that there is nothing to do other to wait for better days.

I wish there was something to take away this bottomless feeling of nothing, this thing that make you want to roll up in a ball and pretend you don’t exist. It reminds me of times when my life was always like this and I’ve fought so hard to not be that person any longer.

It will pass. Tomorrow I’ll be me again and smiling drink my glass of wine feeling safe and warm in the company of my friends. I’ll just have to get through the day until then.

Being a Good Person

The plan was to go to the gym and be a Good Person being all healthy and stuff. That is so not going to happen. Today being a Good Person means allowing myself to do absolutely nothing (yes dad, its me, me, me) even if I feel marinated in thai red curry after making dinner for Oliver last night.

If nothing else I need to save my energy for Tove coming tomorrow and the weekend of Winter Wonderland, pancakes and red wine ahead of us.