Before arriving in winter wonderland there was hell on earth

My bag broke – the zipper, spilling all the contents on the floor. I tied it with a ribbon
We got force landed on arlanda instead of skavsta
My batteries were dead and couldnt get hold of anyone
I almost broke down in a corner. Instead i enjoyed my christmassy looking bag, jumped on arlanda express and woke bella up with a ‘tada’

In a land far far away

Home for christmas. As my old (well, not really, maybe more paolas) idols just d would say ‘relalalaxa’. Me and baby bro went to centralbadet today. Heaven! Thanks julia.
Yesterday lovely sthlm weather (that means icy rain) and christmas market. Mmm glögg… and dinner w bella, malte and chrisse. Weekday drinking. Booja!!
Sweden is treating my well. Im sleeping, eating, hanging, chilling and doing nothing. Hail holiday!!

The last lovely minutes before i leave this rainy country

Last day at work before the Christmas holidays. Whoopee!! The Christmas chocolate treats have started to arrived. This little lovely thing is a Christmas mesh with strawberry cream inside. I love having clients that appreciate the fine things in life.

Tonight Brompton club with Dani. Will be dangerous. But fun. Not so much looking forward to tomorrow. Told Oliver to come straight to mine and not bother about trying to meet me anywhere. I think a day in bed is the best way to say goodbye before the holidays. 

You do not need to play dress up to live in a fairytale

My heart is dancing around like a rag doll in my chest. A pink, yellow, blue and green rag doll. I want so much today. I want to go out there and be. I’m tired, have barely slept, but feel like I could own the world.

I listen to this song and want rain on my face and everyone I love next to me, smiling.

I wish there was a way I could make people feel like me today, my heart is hoping. Thoughts of the ones that make my world the best world in the world make up my light.

Tonight I’ll read something happy and beautiful.

Caught in a fairytale

We had a Disney themes Christmas party at work yesterday. The Maria girls got ready together looking fab as always.

Silvija was Sazoo from the Lion King. I want to own those lashes. Imagine the world in a constant pink. or just being a person wearing pink sweeping lashes on a daily basis.

We were supposed to be the Lion King cast. It went so so.  But we did look good and thats what counts in the end of the day.

Minnie Mouse showing Robin how strong she is. I guess Robin is smelling her hair? Or maybe just checking the color. He is a bit gay after all. 

Three awesome hyenas. 

Bagheera and Scar. Bagheera just look like a drunk kitten and Scar, well, he became a trannie. 

Best of all was that we got given candy upon arrival. Candy! Best Christmas party ever!

After this no more picture. Thats when Christophe started giving everyone jägerbombs. Dressed as Pluto. In home and in bed by 3 this morning. At work 8.45. Very rock and roll. Right now munching away on candy. Woke up with a stuffed bag, last thing before i went was going through all the left bags stuffing my handbag. Good thinking.

Memories as they come and go


I have got the best screen saver in the world. It eats battery but its so pretty. And that is the most important!

Yesterday I had dinner with Hamas* who just moved here. It was nice and reminded me about being new in London. Crazy enough I’ve been here for almost 2 years now. It’s been two amazing years. Hopefully next year will be as great as the previous ones minus the drama. Really crossing my fingers for minus the drama. 

*(Hamas = at University there was a girl who always called him ‘Han Mats’ and that became Hamas. Imagine her happiness/surprise when she one day came bouncing in to my room saying ‘They are talking about Hamas on TV’. She never understood the fun in calling him Hamas until that day)

If I hold my breath and close my eyes before I know it I will be there

Only 4 more days until I land in Sweden and get picked up by mum and dad. Dad called me today and asked if I wanted food when I got home. Oh yes! I’ve been waiting for mums home cooked way to long now. And her amazing Christmas ham.

I really, really long to be home now. I feel like the John Lewis commercial, I wait and I wait to see everyone I love to give them their Christmas gifts and spend time with them. I’m simultaneously emptied of energy and overflowed with love.

I’ll long for the easiness of family. Of baby hugs. Of being somewhere were everything feels so easy.


Those were the days

We went to the Lucia concert in St Pauls on Friday. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take any pictures but it was breathtakingly beautiful. I cried.

After dinner we went to a japanese restaurant in Soho with foot kneeded noodles (like thats a good thing). Very authentic.

Elin desperately wanted to melt in and took her shoes off. The horror!

Elin and me had cold (!) udon noodles which were delicious and oliver had fish liver soup which slightly less so. Reminded me of childhood morning drinking tran. Not a good memory.

Pretty blond Elin next to oliver’s Emil hat. Very non japanese.