Caught in a fairytale

We had a Disney themes Christmas party at work yesterday. The Maria girls got ready together looking fab as always.

Silvija was Sazoo from the Lion King. I want to own those lashes. Imagine the world in a constant pink. or just being a person wearing pink sweeping lashes on a daily basis.

We were supposed to be the Lion King cast. It went so so.  But we did look good and thats what counts in the end of the day.

Minnie Mouse showing Robin how strong she is. I guess Robin is smelling her hair? Or maybe just checking the color. He is a bit gay after all. 

Three awesome hyenas. 

Bagheera and Scar. Bagheera just look like a drunk kitten and Scar, well, he became a trannie. 

Best of all was that we got given candy upon arrival. Candy! Best Christmas party ever!

After this no more picture. Thats when Christophe started giving everyone jägerbombs. Dressed as Pluto. In home and in bed by 3 this morning. At work 8.45. Very rock and roll. Right now munching away on candy. Woke up with a stuffed bag, last thing before i went was going through all the left bags stuffing my handbag. Good thinking.

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